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Director: Andrew Staugaard



CCSC Central Plains Region



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Send an e-mail to Andrew Staugaard specifying your school, team name(s), and team members by 3/16/07. Note: Students must be at least 1/2 time students (6 or more hours) in order to compete.

Entry Fee:

There will be a $10 per student entry fee payable at the contest registration desk by cash or check (no credit cards please). The fee covers Saturday’s continental breakfast, luncheon, and programming contest for each team member.

Team Composition

There must be exactly 3 students per team. However, each institution is allowed at most one team with 2 students. No more than one graduate student per team is allowed. Team members must be enrolled for at least 6 hours at their institution.


The official contest languages are C, C++, and Java.





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The 2007 Contest






Based on procedures and materials developed for the ACM Mid-Central Regional Programming Contest.