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First, the Golden Rule:

a team's output must match the correct output byte-for-byte in order to be counted correct.

There have been isolated cases in which judges ignored minor differences in formatting and/or whitespace. This is not acceptable! To maintain the integrity of the contest all judges must follow the same rules.

We intend to use the fully electronic problem submission and judging system called PC^2. (if possible)  If this is in fact the case, you can ignore the rest this page.

We will use the classic "sneakernet" system where a problem is submitted on diskette to the site judges, who then log the submission, judge it, and return a reply back to the team. A volunteer runner actually carries the diskette to and from the team. At these sites the coaches act as the judges. But don't worry, utilities will be provided to make judging very easy. Even if you're not familiar with the procedure, odds are that most of the other coaches will be.



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Based on procedures and materials developed for the ACM Mid-Central Regional Programming Contest.