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Information for Coaches

CCSC Central Plains Region



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Coaches, in order to participate you must:

  1. Assemble one or more teams. Each team must consist of exactly three eligible students. However a maximum of one team per institution will be allowed with only two students. No more than one graduate student per team is allowed . Team members must be enrolled for at least six hours at their institution.
  2. Fully register your team(s) before the deadline. Send an e-mail to Brian Hare listing your school, team name, and team members by March 16, 2008. You must provide complete team member information before the deadline, or the registration will be canceled. There will be a $10 per student entry fee payable at the contest registration desk by cash or check (no credit cards please). The fee covers Saturday’s continental breakfast, luncheon, and programming contest for each team member. Understand the contest rules.
  3. Study the error messages and notes to teams.
  4. Help your team(s) practice.
  5. Arrange for transportation to and from the contest.
  6. The official contest languages are C, C++, and Java.




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Based on procedures and materials developed for the ACM Mid-Central Regional Programming Contest.