National Vendors

The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) receives generous support from our National Vendors. If you would like to join this august group, please contact Paul Wiedemeier.



An Open Invitation:

If you are interested in reaching an audience of dedicated Computer Science and Information Systems faculty primarily at universities in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, have we got a conference for you!

Though our numbers are not huge -- last year we had 140 faculty and students  -- those who do attend will pay close attention to your products, and if not the final decision makers, have a great deal of influence when purchases are made.  They tend to be serious about teaching, always looking for new texts and technologies to improve their courses.

You would be welcome to attend in person, or if you prefer to set up a static display, we can accommodate.  The cost to exhibit is a very economical $135, including meals.

If you happen to be a CCSC National Vendor, we have an even better price: free!

If you are interested, or require more details, please visit our website,, or contact me via e-mail ( or phone (660-562-1551).