Information Management Infrastructures - Managing Data Growth in the Information Age

Ed VanSickles
EMC Education Services

We truly live in the information age. With access to so much information, it can be mind-boggling. What if, for some reason, you didn't have access to your key information assets? What would be the impact of not having that information? Today, IT organizations are severely impacted by the need to manage growing volumes of data, year after year, and the potential impact of data loss. To some organizations, losing 1 transaction ( especially a large financial transaction ) is enough to keep the CIO awake at night worrying about the information infrastructure they've created (and that they have to manage on a daily basis). This session will reveal the information growth problem, the typical IT response and the consequent problem to that solution. 21st century IT organizations have adopted an Information Management Infrastructure as a better way to manage, share and protect their most critical asset - their data. EMC is the world leader in designing and implementing Information Management Infrastructures. A partnership opportunity exists with EMC to provide students the needed education on Information Management Infrastructures and prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century