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Send an e-mail to Brian Hare specifying your school, team name(s), and team members by March 16, 2008. Note: Students must be at least 1/2 time students (6 or more hours) in order to compete.

Entry Fee:

There will be a $10 per student entry fee payable at the contest registration desk by cash or check (no credit cards please). The fee covers Saturday’s continental breakfast, luncheon, and programming contest for each team member.

Team Composition

There must be exactly 3 students per team. However, each institution is allowed at most one team with 2 students. No more than one graduate student per team is allowed. Team members must be enrolled for at least 6 hours at their institution.


The official contest languages are C, C++, and Java.

Multiple Teams From Same School:

The goal of the contest is to have participation from as many schools as possible. No “second teams” will be entered unless all schools wanting to participate have sent at least one team. In that case, “second teams” will be accepted in the order of registration. No “third teams” will be accepted until all teams wanting to send a second team have done so. We do not anticipate room for any fourth teams.

Registered Teams:

Park University

  • Team Pirate: John Nickell, Rodrigo Neri, and Jake Anderson. Registered 1/15/08
  • Team Kidd: Bavitha Vinod, Azbilegt Chuluunbat, 3rd person to be determined.  Registered 1/15/08

University of Missouri- Kansas City

  • KC Coders A: Arthur Pemberton, Ivan Markov, Chaitanya Mutyala. Sub/Reserve: Jonathan Otsuka. Registered 1/15/08.
  • KC Coders B: Cory Griffin, Hari Prasad, Siddharth Padmanhaban. Sub/Reserve: Raymond Pierce. Registered 3/11/08.

University of Central Missouri

  • Team A: Bryce Holthouse, Jason Stanley, Joshua Liberman.
  • Team B: Michael Howard, Tristan Sullins, Vincent Motley
  • Team C: Francis Schmitz, Jason James, Matt McDole.
  • Teams A, B, C all registered March 3 2008.

Southern Baptist University

  • Team A: Adam Carney, Nate Sisk, Michael VanDevender
  • Team B: Andrew Cook, JR Smith, Jacob Williams
  • Team C: Blayne Riffle, Natalie Schroeder, Christopher Stuckey
  • Substitute: Andy Fulton
  • Teams A, B, C all registered March 3 2008.

 Northwest Missouri State University

  • Green Team: Alyssa Crawford, Andy Pryor, Aditya Sunchu
  • White Team: Sameer Kumar Muvva, Jordan Assel, Dustin Singleton
  • The Bearcats: TJ Mott, Brendan Little, Tyler Griesbach
  • All teams registered March 11 2008

College of the Ozarks

  • Team A: Sam Porter, Eric Weise, Tim Baker
  • Team B: Bastiaan Pot, Linetta Easter, Caleb Cox
  • Team C: Dustin LaRue, Lucas Ragland, Andrew Davis
  • Team D: Joel Cash, Chase Mills, Tom Schweim
  • Alternate: Kurtis Conrad
  • All teams registered March 12 2008

Drury University:

  • Team A: Jason Barns, Jonathon Brownsworthy, Dennie Sanders.
  • Registered March 15.

Westminster College:

  • WC1: Steven Yoo, Paul Mathis, Mark Alexander.
  • Registered March 16.





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